1. How long do Vinyl Posts last?

ANS:  Expect 5 years+ Lifespan.

  1. How do I clean?

ANS:  Use Water or Detergent and wipe with cloth.

  1. How do I remove Scratches?

ANS:  Scratches can be removed using SOS Pad.

  1. Do I need to DIG a hole?

ANS:  No Digging - Just pound our Metal Stake into Ground, using Light Weight Mallet.

  1. How does Post handle Wind

ANS:  The Post is designed to handle Mild to Moderate Conditions.

  1. Will the Post accept multiple sized Signage?

ANS:  Our Post Cross-arm has been designed to accept multiple Standard Sign Profiles.  Also, individual requirements can be adapted by the user?

  1. Are Vinyl Posts better than Wood or Metal?

ANS:  Absolutely - Easier to Install, Light Weight, Clean Easier and Last Longer.  

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